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The Communities for Future wiki is a part of knowledge commons for community-led action on sustainability and climate change. It provides accessible summaries of existing knowledge in key areas, drawn from diverse sources: academic and non-academic, formal and informal, and everything in-between. It aims to be a shared tool for creation, compilation, communication and application of knowledge in support of learning, networking, collaboration, action and policy advocacy by and in support of community initiatives and networks.

The knowledge co-creation community involves researchers, action researchers, organisers, supporters and practitioners across Europe. Collaboration is invited from anyone involved in community-led action on sustainability and climate change, committed to working in collaborative, open source ways in a spirit of solidarity and cooperation and in line with the agreed values of the community. Content is licensed under Creative Commons to enable and encourage its use and further development, either within this wiki or elsewhere.

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Hosted by ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on sustainability and climate change, this wiki exists to support compilation, synthesis and co-creation of new knowledge to support the work of ECOLISE members and supporters, along with allied organisations and networks.

The wiki forms part of a knowledge commons for community-led action on sustainability and climate change, conceived and created by the ECOLISE knowledge and learning team. It is currently in the pilot stage, during which it will support creation of the first ECOLISE status report.

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